BMI are interested in following research fields:
1. Accelerator Related Fields
• Development of Ultra-Low Emittance High Brightness RF Photoinjector
• Development of Low Emittance Advanced Thermionic RF Gun
• Development of High Average Current Normal Conducting CW RF Photoinjector
• Development of Bunch Compressor
• Development of Table-top Accelerator for the Single-Shot Ultrafast Electron Diffraction (UED)
• Development of Accelerator for Ultrafast Pulse Radiolysis (UPR)
• Design of Linear Accelerator for X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL)
• Development of Coherent Terahertz (THz) Light Source
• Development of Inverse Compton Scattering (ICS) and Wakefield Accelerator Based Compact X-ray Sources
• Start-To-End (S2E) Simulations for XFEL Projects
• Commissioning and Operation of XFEL User Facilities
• Storage Ring Lattice Design for the Future Light Sources and XFEL Facilities
• Maintenance and Upgrade of Klystron and Modulator for S-band Linac
• Beam Instabilities in Storage Ring Development of HOM damped RF Cavity for the Longitudinal Multi-Bunch Beam
  Feedback System
• Development of the Digital Longitudinal Multi-Bunch Beam Feedback System for Storage Ring
• Development of Advanced Beam Diagnostic Systems for XFEL projects
• Development of EPICS and MATLAB based Advanced Accelerator Control and Diagnostic Systems
• Development of Compact X-band Linacs and RF guns for Medical Applications
• Development of Radiator based High Power THz Light Sources
• Development of Radiation Shielding Door for Tunnel Entry
• Radiation Shielding of Accelerator Tunnel
• Development of f Scintillators for Neutron Detection
• Development of GigE based Advanced Beam Imaging System
• Development of Compact & High Resolution Faraday Cup