BMI 3 MeV Linac for Ultrafast Electron Diffraction
This is a simplified layout of a compact 3 MeV linac (model name = BMI-UED-3MeV) for an Ultrafast Electron Diffraction (UED) facility. Due to copyright issues on our technologies, we can not supply their full versions of these drawing and layout to public people. Only after a purchase contract with us, we can supply its full versions to our customer.
layout of 3.2 m long BMI-UED-3MeV linac for an UED facility
Layout and Beam Parameters of BMI-UED-3 MeV linac
gun: S-band RF Photoinjector with 1.6 cells
linac: S-band linac with four cells
beam energy: 1 ~ 5 MeV
bunch length: 90 fs - 2 ps (FWHM)
charge: 1 - 2 pC
maximum repetition rate: 1 kHz
normalized projected emittance: 0.1 - 0.2 ㎛
rms beam size < 60 ㎛ (adjustable)
rms beam divergence < 25 μrad
total length of accelerator < 3.2 m