S-band RF Circulator System for Electron Accelerator
This is a rebuilt S-band (2856 MHz) four port RF circulator system, which can protect an S-band klystron against the reflected high RF power (5 MW peak, 12 kW average) from S-band electron linear accelerator. This system consists of one S-band ferrite RF circulator, three L-shape S-band waveguide connectors, four 1 m long S-band waveguides, two S-band RF loads, and two 60 dB S-band RF directional couplers.
S-band four port circulator system with three waveguide connectors, two RF power loads,
and two directional couplers
Performance of Circulator System
RF Frequency = 2856 MHz
Peak Protectable Reflected Power = 5 MW
Average Protectable Reflected Power = 12 kW
Ferrite Components SC3-11
Flanges = CPR284F
Water Flow = 4 GPM (typical)
Cooling Water Temperature = 40℃(nominal)
Gas Pressure = 35 PSIG SF6 (typical)
Coupler Connector Type = N Female
VSWR of Port 1 = 1.10 (max)
Isolation of Port 1 to Port 3 and Port 4 > 30 dB
Insertion of Port 1 to Port 2 < 0.2 dB
Waveguide Type = WR 284

Mechanical Characteristics
Physical Dimensions = 47 x 23 x 23 inches (typical)
Weight = 200 pounds (max)

The figure on the left from the S-band RF load, S-band directional coupler,
S-band waveguides, L-shape waveguide connector