BMI technology patent
• February 15, 2005 : Intelligent energy spectrum analysis capabilities employing radiation dose measurement system and method for patent registration
• March 14, 2005 : Method for thallium isotope separation using laser
• May 03, 2005 Kinetics of particle size and the size of the optical device that can simultaneously measure and register a patent on its way
• February 15, 2007 : Distribution of nuclear material measurement methods for the detection of neutrons and registered a patent for the device
• March 27, 2007 : Using a rotary slit on a single scanning beam emitter capacitance meter patented
• March 27, 2007 : Using the ion-beam switch, and a movable electromagnet switching method for using the same patented ion beam
• December 18, 2007 : For measuring the temperature of the gas molecules rotate Raman scattering in optical devices for signal separation patented