Beam Medical Instrumentation (BMI) is a newly rising Korean company, selling various software and hardware for particle accelerators. We have been selling the customized EPICS accelerator control system, EPICS, MATLAB, and MATLAB Channel Access (MCA) based automatized software for beam diagnostic systems, HOM damped RF cavity type kickers for the bunch-by-bunch longitudinal feedback systems, compact storage rings, compact linear accelerators for Ultrafast Electron Diffraction (UED) facility, linear accelerators for Ultrafast Pulse Radiolysis (UPR) facility, and rebuilt Varian medical linear accelerators and components. Our customers and collaborators are KAERI, Idaho Accelerator Center, ETRI, Seoul National University, Korea University, and Hanbat University. If you need any customized accelerators or parts, please contact us.
Mr. Kwon-hae Yea
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Beam Medical Instrument (BMI)
201-ho, 29 techno 10-ro, Yuseong -gu,Daejeon Korea 34036
Tel. +82-10-7674-7118, +82-42-485-7112
Fax. +82-42-486-7112
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